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About Madinatulilm

Madinatul-Ilm an Islamic cultural communiqué...

This magazine as it says ‘The city of Knowledge’ published its 1st English issue in March 2002.

The purpose of this magazine is for people to learn about the Islam of the Ahlul-Bayt (AS)! One of the main objective of coming up with this magazine is to reveal the historical facts to the Muslim ummah which have been concealed by the conspirators (Umayyad & the Abbasid dynasty)..

Madinatul-Ilm endeavours to:
Promote the quality of its publications
Play an effective role in introducing Islamic teachings

Initially it started as fortnightly paper but at present it is published as a magazine in English & Urdu language. Since, today using the virtual access on Internet is one of the most important and effective tools, we have launched it on the web for an access to all throughout the world. In this site you will find many articles in English and Urdu languages, on different issues such as: Quran and hadith, society, literature, history and civilization, law, religion, the holy Prophet and his Family (pbuth), woman, family, health, culture, prominent persons, children & news etc. Respected readers are invited to send us their writings in the form of Word or PageMaker.

The main topics covered by this magazine are:-

  • Tafseer of Quranic Surah & Hadeeth of Masoomeen (a.s)
  • Short biography of the noble prophets & holy infallibles (a.s).
  • Presenting the pleasant aspect of life to our readers.
  • Reflecting innovations , scientific and social achievements of the youth.
  • Focusing on Islamic & Quranic points of view with respect to character building.
  • Promoting and strengthening the religious beliefs among our readers.
  • Discussing thoughts of the Muslim revivers.
  • Studying the connection between culture and Islamic Civilization.
  • Reviewing and analyzing ideas and viewpoints of the luminaries.
  • Critique and review of ideas and opinions of great thinkers.
  • Presentation of topics in view of existing chasms in thought and culture.
  • Issues relating to the family and its role in creating a healthy society.
  • Emphasizing on the rights and duties of women in creating a healthy human society.
  • Informing the Islamic legal system with respect to the rights of women and families.

Having read the articles we will be grateful to receive your critiques on them.
Also by forwarding us some of your articles, you can participate in serving Islam.
We take pleasure in welcoming any suggestions towards betterment of our publications. Your vast knowledge of Islamic subjects can also be a source of enlightenment for us.